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Fake Fishmongers Terrorize Edinburgh
Here's a case for the Streater sisters to tackle. reports that:

FAKE fishmongers are continuing to operate in Edinburgh, targeting residents in Newington and Fairmilehead in the past week, according to Trading Standards.

It seems that these scam artists are wrapping Vietnamese catfish in polystyrene and cling film, then labeling it as "monkfish fillet," and using high-pressure sales techniques to get random people on the street to buy the phony fish. Up to three of them might surround a customer at a single time. Reportedly, "a person in Newington paid £90 for fish, while another paid almost £400 to the individuals."

This is a dastardly crime! Imagine just walking along the street and suddenly being surrounded by fishmongers. It would be enough to break anyone's will. The police report that the individuals "are believed to be trading from a white van with 'Sarrillion' printed on the side."
Categories: Con Artists
Posted by The Curator on Fri Nov 16, 2007
Comments (5)
They have posted video of these fishmongers in action...
Posted by coit  on  Fri Nov 16, 2007  at  10:51 AM
Well, this is the first I've heard of it. I was up Newington this evening, but saw no militant roaming fishmongers.

As to who would be foolish enough to buy them...
Well, I'm making no statements, but Newington is, coincidentally, home to a very large number of well-off students who spend a lot of time either drunk or stoned.
Take that as you will.
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Fri Nov 16, 2007  at  01:16 PM
I'll be going to Newington tomorrow afternoon - partly because I actually do have some shopping to do, but also to go fake-fishmonger hunting! LOL
Posted by Madmouse  in  Edinburgh  on  Fri Nov 16, 2007  at  03:08 PM
By 'high-pressure sales techniques' do you mean the sort of high-pressure sales technique that involves a knife and the phrase "Gie's yer money ya bastard." Also known colloquially as 'mugging'.

"Gonnae gie's
Posted by Renquist  in  Glasgow, Scotland  on  Fri Nov 16, 2007  at  11:00 PM
MMM. very funny. I thought Edinburgh had more of a reputation for flyting and fish wives than fishmongers.
Posted by Bed and breakfast man  in  Edinburgh  on  Fri Mar 27, 2009  at  07:53 AM
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