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Fake Bulletproof Vests
image Apparently the latest fashion with kids is fake bullet-proof vests. They're called 'Raid Vests'. According to the Boston Globe, "Some parents are even buying the $50 faux vests for their toddlers and their dogs." The vests come in suede, nylon, and denim. Personally it wouldn't make me feel very safe to wear one, because I would worry that someone would think they could take a shot at me.
Categories: Law/Police/Crime
Posted by The Curator on Wed Jun 08, 2005
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um not ilegal he was probily out on parool or hade a criminal record its ilegal if you have a criminal record but i dought that its ilegal to ware one
Posted by hiu  on  Thu Mar 19, 2009  at  02:47 PM
i was shot by my friend on july 4 because i had on a fake bullet proof vest. i almost died. i only need 8 more shots to be like the rapper 50 cent.
Posted by reese  in  TEXAS  on  Tue Jul 14, 2009  at  02:41 PM
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