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The Great Space Monkey Hoax, 1953
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Adolf Hitler Baby Photo Hoax, 1933
Tube of liquor hidden in prohibition-era boot, 1920s
Iceberg floats into Sydney Harbor, 1978
The damp spot that hoaxed a city, 1912
Rare planetary alignment decreases gravity, 1976
The Instant Color TV Hoax, 1962
Elmer de Hory Movie
Another film about a famous hoaxer is in the works. Julian Temple plans to make a movie about the art forger Elmyr de Hory. From reuters:

The British filmmaker will take on the story of art faker Elmyr de Hory, who created and sold forgeries of paintings by the likes of Picasso and Matisse to collectors around the world between the 1940s and 1960s.
De Hory, a Hungarian native, told his story to the equally notorious hoax biographer Clifford Irving (played by Richard Gere in "The Hoax" in 2007) for the book "Fake!" Additionally, Orson Welles made a documentary about him, "F For Fake."
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Nov 19, 2009
Comments (3)
Reminds of Han Van Meegeren, a dutch forgerer.
Even Hitler and Goebbels were fooled by his work.
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  in  Earth  on  Thu Nov 19, 2009  at  12:42 PM
Guys like de Hory and Van Meegeren always make think about the nature of art. Since they could make paintings that experts thought were done by Picasso, Matisse, etc., does that mean that they were the equals of those artists? If not, why not?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Nov 20, 2009  at  05:05 AM
Hey Cranky Media Guy, a thought on your comment. If te experts can't tell the difference between a Master and a forger, why believe the expert on anyhting? Maybe the Mona Lisa in Paris is really a fake, after all, it was missing for a while early in the 20th century. Would the French admit that the real thing is still missing and what they have is a fake?
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Sun Dec 06, 2009  at  09:39 PM
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