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Diving Tiger
Status: Real
I came across this cool picture of a tiger diving into water. My first thought was that it had to be fake, but from what I can gather (via machine translation) from the comments below the image, the photographer, Sergey Bidun, says that it's real. And he links to other, less spectacular, pictures from the same series. One question that people seem to be asking is why the tiger's claws aren't out. My guess is that it's been declawed.

There's an exhibit like this in Las Vegas where you can see the tigers used in the Siegfried and Roy show. At least, there was the last time I was in Vegas. (I don't know if Siegfried is still doing that show alone, or was it cancelled after Roy's accident?) But I don't think this picture was taken at that exhibit.

Update: Sergey Bidun posts that he took this picture at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo.

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Posted by The Curator on Fri Apr 21, 2006
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well in research ive learned tigers do enjoy water! but the figures and looks on this tiger makes it hard to critisize if its real or fake. the chances in my book are 50/50 surprised
Posted by jordann  in  texas  on  Mon Sep 10, 2007  at  08:49 PM
Cats (tigers) are good swimmers that like the water. The retract their claws while swimming. The paws make better paddles when retracted.
Posted by Jim Orlando  in  Romeo, MI  on  Mon Aug 26, 2013  at  01:40 PM
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