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Demi Moore’s Disappearing Hip
On the December cover of W magazine, Demi Moore's left hip doesn't line up with the rest of her leg. (look right above the 'R' in Moore.) It would seem that a photo editor must have screwed up. According to

Although W has a history of using master retoucher Pascal Dangin for its celebrity covers and fashion editorials, the magazine's rep says that the retouching was done in-house by Alas and Piggott's staff. We contacted Demi's rep, too, but haven't heard back.

(Thanks, Joe!)
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Posted by The Curator on Fri Nov 13, 2009
Comments (9)
I want to use the word "hip" in a cool sense. But can't think of how, anyway I thought of it first!

However, I do think I've seen better looking zombies...
Posted by Joel B1  in  Hobart, Tasmania  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  02:20 AM
Kind of an odd choice for a post. Over at they have something much worse than this every two days or so, from badly composited DVD covers to missing arms and phantom hands. Since you mentioned a little while ago that you have less time for the site than usual, I find this post somewhat confusing...
Posted by Salamander Sam  in  Chicago  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  02:45 AM
wink I see the point as "This is Hollywood and glamour. It's all fake."
Posted by KDP  in  Madill, OK  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  10:14 AM
Salamander Sam, sorry to have disappointed you. It's the Museum's policy to provide a full and unconditional refund to anyone who finds a post to be below what they consider the requisite quality. smile
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  12:00 PM
I haven't seen any better-looking zombies. I haven't seen any worse-looking zombies, either. Except in the movies, of course.

However, Demi certainly does look like she could use a few good hot meals. Maybe acting jobs are harder to come by these days?
Posted by Big Gary  in  Delgadillo, Texas  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  12:03 PM
Its a nice fashion style...
Posted by SuperSachin  on  Mon Nov 16, 2009  at  06:40 AM
grin nice fashion style..i like it
Posted by rogerferris  in  mexico  on  Wed Nov 18, 2009  at  03:43 AM
No. There is no photoshopping of the thigh/hip in this photo. The thigh/hip area is natural. The
Posted by phizzyb  on  Fri Nov 20, 2009  at  05:38 PM
Turns out the hip was taken from a runway model....The hip is real, just not Demi's hip.
Posted by G  in  La La Land  on  Sat Dec 12, 2009  at  04:18 PM
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