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Cow Manure Tossing
CNN reports that Oklahoma tourism officials have recalled about 200,000 brochures because they contain, among other things, "a photo of an event in which lumps of cow manure are thrown as a part of a contest in the town of Beaver, in western Oklahoma." The way the article described it, I wasn't sure if the cow-manure tossing was a joke that somehow made its way into the brochure, or if it was a serious event. But a quick google search reveals that it's real enough. Here are some photos of the event. I wonder if there's some kind of special trick involved in throwing a cow chip (does it fall apart easily?), or is it just like throwing a frisbee?
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Posted by The Curator on Tue Oct 12, 2004
Comments (7)
They also have that here in Wisconsin. We call them cow pies.
Posted by Ozymandias  on  Tue Oct 12, 2004  at  10:50 PM
I think, anyway.
Posted by Ozymandias  on  Tue Oct 12, 2004  at  10:52 PM
Yup the contest is real enough. I lived in Oklahoma back in the 80's. They call it a cow chip throwing contest if I remember correctly. The town of Beaver even had a large beaver holding a cow chip that they used for their parades. The first time I heard about the contest I thought for sure the towns people were just pulling my leg. LOL
Posted by Myst  on  Wed Oct 13, 2004  at  12:14 AM
Here in western South Dakota we have the same kind of thing, only it's buffalo chips instead.
Posted by Cathy  on  Wed Oct 13, 2004  at  12:35 AM
It doesn't fall apart. It gets kind of...hard almost.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL, USA  on  Wed Oct 13, 2004  at  10:04 AM
The question is: Do you REALLY want to know???
Posted by Paul  on  Fri Oct 15, 2004  at  03:34 PM
I hear that in Texas, they don't toss their cow pies. They send them to the White house.
Posted by Peter  on  Sat Dec 03, 2005  at  04:41 PM
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