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Connecticut woman almost runs over Sasquatch
A Connecticut woman driving along Unquowa Road told police that she "almost hit Sasquatch." Upon investigation, the police discovered that Sasquatch was really "a 16-year-old boy dressed in a gorilla-like costume." He was standing at the corner in his costume, waving at cars as they passed. (news times)

Reminds me of the Little Blue Man Hoax of 1958.
Categories: Cryptozoology
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jul 02, 2009
Comments (3)
Maybe Sasquatch was the boy's name.
Posted by Canadarm  on  Fri Jul 03, 2009  at  09:57 AM
It's something I've thought about more than once. What if someone hunting or carrying a gun saw a sasquatch and shot it; only to find, upon investigating the kill, it was someone in a costume?

And on the other side, what if some big, furry creature rushed you, and you didn't shoot it for fear it was someone in a costume; only to provide proof of bigfoot's existence by being mauled by one.

Dangerous stuff, hoaxing!
Posted by Crazy Ivan  on  Mon Jul 06, 2009  at  01:13 PM
Well, let's face it - Who of us has never wondered what it would be like to squish one of those annoying wage lsaves under the front wheels of one's car, and hear their gurgling rib-filled lungs draw their last drowning breath?

If she *had* hit the clown, I'd've liked to have nominated her for a Congressional Medal Of Honour.
Posted by D F Stuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Tue Aug 11, 2009  at  02:24 AM
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