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Columbine Paintball
Here's a site that's in incredibly bad taste, but it is DEFINITELY a hoax. It's Columbine Paintball. It purports to be a paintball arena in Cheyenne, Wyoming that allows you to play a paintball game inside a recreation of the Columbine high school. As I said, it's a hoax.
Categories: Hate Crimes/Terror, Websites
Posted by The Curator on Sun Dec 14, 2003
Comments (7)
sounds like fun
Posted by mike  in  tucson az  on  Sun Apr 18, 2004  at  09:08 PM
i want paintball arenas in my hs :(
Posted by marissa  in  i dunno  on  Thu May 13, 2004  at  04:22 PM

anyway, this site looked good to my eyes, so it seems I
Posted by doomm  on  Sat Feb 16, 2008  at  06:55 PM
That site does look fake. At lease I hope it is. That is in pore taste with so much people dying in that Horrifying event.

If it was for real, what is your point of view on it?
Posted by Paintball Brands  in  Arizona  on  Sun May 04, 2008  at  06:34 PM
off course columbine Paintball offer best paintball games, so enjoy with columbine paintball
Posted by nationwidepaintball  in  UK  on  Thu Feb 12, 2009  at  07:56 AM
Thats a really tragic site, and I agree with the above - very very bad taste
Posted by Greenie girl  in  New Zealand  on  Thu May 14, 2009  at  09:42 PM
Why do they have to put up a hoax? What's the point on that? I like enjoy paintball and I think it does have something.
Posted by Wendy  on  Fri Sep 03, 2010  at  10:23 PM
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