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Future NBA Star Chimezie Kudu
image ESPN recently offered up a strange story about Chimezie Kudu, a 7-foot 11 South African entering the NBA draft. Chimezie almost missed the filing for the draft, since his application was written in an obscure Hottentot dialect. And despite his size, Chimezie's future success hardly seems guaranteed. He's never actually played competitive basketball before, though he has been playing the game for a while. He practices shots "on a single hoop in a local park in his native land -- the rim made out of antelope horn, the netting from the skin of a zebra." Oh, and the ball he plays with isn't quite NBA standard. It's made out of fused sheep's testicles.
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Posted by The Curator on Sat Jun 26, 2004
Comments (6)
Not impossible but it's unlikely.

If a San (Hottentot) were to send an application in for the draft he's almost certain to find someone who speaks English here in South Africa. The whole story smacks of sensationalism. There might be such a person but the story sounds like complete hogwash!
Posted by Joe van Niekerk  in  South Africa  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  07:16 AM
This is a hoax. If you click on the Related Stories link, you'll get this: The author admits the hoax.
Posted by Rochelle  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  04:03 PM
It sounds more like blatant racism, if anything.
Posted by Chipo  in  eindhoven  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  04:38 PM
chipo you are a wimp. anything about anybody that isn't white is racism to you. fool
Posted by dood  on  Wed Mar 22, 2006  at  03:47 AM
Hahahah, that's obviously a fake article, pretty funny someone can think it's real.
Posted by Noticias NBA  on  Thu Sep 09, 2010  at  09:33 AM
we need more africans in NBA .
Posted by Baloncesto  in  usa  on  Sun May 01, 2011  at  06:09 AM
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