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Bus Shelter Prank
A bus shelter in Norfolk County, UK has become a favorite target for pranksters. Local residents woke to find the shelter transformed into a living room. "The culprits decked the shelter out with a comfy chair, a television, a lamp, a stereo system and even created a fake fireplace on the wall to complete the homely effect." This isn't the first time the pranksters have struck. Last month "a lawn appeared in the shelter, along with a gnome and a windmill." Unfortunately the article doesn't include a picture of the transformed shelter.
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Posted by The Curator on Tue Jun 29, 2004
Comments (4)
The best one I've heard of is the Unst Bus Shelter.
It seems the Welsh are getting in on the act too:
Llangeitho Bus Shelter Makeover.

Posted by Virge  in  Melbourne, Australia  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  03:03 PM
i knwo the ppl who did the noroflk bus shelter thing personally, ive seen pics of it being done...we went out there again the other night and turned it into a murder scene, complete with police tape, body outline and blood....fantastic!
if u think those were good, just wait until christmas! wink
Posted by Chunky Sandwich  in  UK  on  Fri Sep 24, 2004  at  11:14 AM
Hey, i also know the guys who were responsable for these pranks and more. I also have an assortment of photos of such pranks i can sell you.
Posted by bill  in  uk  on  Mon Sep 27, 2004  at  04:44 PM
nah, i'll just get andrew ot email them to me
Posted by the man form the pru  on  Mon Feb 21, 2005  at  10:03 AM
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