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Bird-Feeder Thief
Status: Real
Thanks to Peter Wenker for sending along these pictures of a bird-feeder thief. Though I don't have any details about where or when they were taken, there's no doubt in my mind that they're real, since bears are notorious bird-feeder thieves. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department even has instructions on their website titled "Don't Let your Bird Feeder Become a Bear Feeder!" Their recommendations include: "Stop all bird feeding by April 1, or as soon as snow melts;" and, "Clean up any spilled birdseed and dispose of it in the trash."

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Categories: Animals, Photos/Videos
Posted by The Curator on Thu Mar 23, 2006
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"Captain Dude"... the "forensic analyst and computer crime investigator"... says we should believe him because, well, he's "Captain Dude" "forensic analyst" and because three people in this thread claim to be able to authenticate this story from two different places. What kind of forensic work and crime fighting is *that*? Like Bellicose, I also spend a lot of time manipulating images in graphic design. Bellicose is right, there would be way too much work involved in this to manipulate four color photos like that. And for what? It's an amusing series of photos but not spectacular. "Captain Dude" has obviously never done any photo manipulation. This would not be a "simple layering of two separate pictures."

There has been discussion about the weight of the bear on the rope. Since I don't see any scales or anything to scale the bear other than the feeder, I have no idea just how big the bear is. It could be a juvenile.

It appears to me that the first image was shot from a different angle than photos 2-4 which is why the tree in the first frame, from which the bear is launching itself onto the rope, is out of the frame. The photographer appears to have moved left and lower below the feeder. The branches and leaves we see on the left in the first photo are moved over to the right side and above the photographer in photos 2-4. I agree, also, with what Bellicose says about editing... anything could be the reason. In addition to re-sizing, the photographer (or someone else) could have lightened the images. It doesn't make them fake.

For the person who thinks this looks like a bird house rather than a feeder... you obviously aren't into feeding birds.
Posted by skeptic  on  Mon Jul 13, 2009  at  10:05 PM
"...because three people in this thread claim to be able to authenticate this story from two different places. What kind of forensic work and crime fighting is *that*?" It means there is no consistency from the people claiming that this is real. That's called corroboration. Also if three people all say it's true but all three stories are different,locations/photographer, how can any one of those stories be true?
Posted by Captain Dude  in  Tennessee  on  Tue Jul 14, 2009  at  08:01 AM
"Also if three people all say it's true but all three stories are different,locations/photographer, how can any one of those stories be true?"

You're kidding, right?

Think about it. It's really not that difficult. Put those "crime fighting skills" you claim to have to work and figure it out.
Posted by skeptic  on  Sat Jul 18, 2009  at  03:48 AM
I'm not kidding, instead of chiding, just tell us.
Posted by Captain Dude  in  Tennessee  on  Sat Jul 18, 2009  at  06:43 AM
nice pictures...I love birds...las year I saw one in a park on germany, it was so beautifull but I dont understand the real meaning of the post.
Somebody can explain me?
Posted by pene  in  texas  on  Wed Jul 29, 2009  at  05:20 AM
This is real. I know the person that took these pictures. There from his back yard.
Posted by Ildiko  in  Wi  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  02:51 PM
What I don't understand is if someone knows where these photos were taken and by whom, why don't they tell us that real location and the name of the person who did it? It reads like just a bunch of baloney.
Posted by JE4115  in  MINNESOTA  on  Fri Jul 16, 2010  at  11:37 PM
I believe this to be a hoax and the passing around of the e-mail has been said to be in Canada, Alaska, New Hampshire and probably more...

And I have to agree with what one person said about the bears bottom in one of the photos being flat when if he were reallly hanging it would have been rounder and the hair would have been fluffy, not flat.
Posted by I call BS  in  United States!  on  Sat Nov 06, 2010  at  03:44 PM
Stop saying you know who took it and blah, blah, blah cuz none of you STORIES match! Durrrrrrrrr. The more you say it the more ignorant you look and the more it looks like you are making a stab that be believe they are real as if we would say "Oh, okay, this person in WI, or this guy in Canada, or this guy in Alaska knows the photog. so it HAS TO BE real."
ha hahahahhahahahahaha, Um, NO.
Posted by And yeah...  on  Sat Nov 06, 2010  at  03:54 PM
I realize that I'm late to the conversation, but this thread has entertained my thoroughly, and I just had to post.

I'm Erik. Dave's brother. You know the guy who posted in July 2007? What he said is true.

Why haven't I joined the thread earlier? Honestly, I haven't thought that much about the bear in the last 5 years.

The photos are real. The bear is real. I'm real.
Posted by Erik Kalviainen  in  Ontario, Canada  on  Sun Nov 14, 2010  at  10:52 PM
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