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Monkeys pick cotton, a 19th-century urban legend
Bizarre pictographs of Emmanuel Domenech, 1860
Jernegan's Gold Accumulator Scam, 1898
Mencken's fake history of the bathtub, 1917
The Hoaxing Hitchhiker, 1941
Script of Casablanca rejected, 1982
Snowball the Monster Cat, 2000
The Cottingley Fairies, 1917
Dog wins art contest, 1974
BMW's April Fool's Day Hoaxes
Bimpco offers a variety of ingenious products that will help you to keep your cellphone bills under control. The site is really a front for Cricket Wireless, but it's amusing.
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 08, 2004
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Awesome products that are sure improve the quality of your life. The best thing about the site: "Are you crazy?"
Posted by Frank  in  WA  on  Fri Apr 09, 2004  at  03:35 AM
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