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Edna Barrie has forwarded along some pictures of large fish (and one large frog). I don't see any reason to think any of these aren't real.

image image image image
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Posted by The Curator on Thu May 12, 2005
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The horseshoe crab is real i saw one bigger at a aquarium.
Posted by jhon  in  new york  on  Sat Apr 21, 2007  at  01:54 AM
As cool as this pictures are I'm sorry to say that the second squid and the horseshoe crab aren't real. I only say this because the eyes on the squid aren't in the right spot and they're not the right color. Also because this squid doesn't have a mantle. Which is the part above the head, I know this because when I dissected squids at the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota Fl the mantle was lose from the head and it holds all of the important things...stomach, gills, ink sac, pen, reproductive organs, and digestive organs. And the horseshoe crab is fake if you look only at the horseshoe crab it's sized perfectly but compared to the other picture where things are farther away it gives the illusion of being huge. In SC(America) it is refered to as a horseshoe crab but commonly mistaken for a stingray. There are differences however, stringray have barbs, fins, and swim. Horseshoe crabs have feet a hard shell, walk and are part of the anthropoda family while stingrays are part of the cnidarias. I do understand the person from CA saying that they are stingrays because they might refer to them as stringrays there but as far as i know they are not. smile
Posted by veronica  on  Sun Apr 29, 2007  at  05:41 PM
Haha I just noticed the websites name museumofHOAXES meaning that their fake! smile
Posted by veronica  on  Sun Apr 29, 2007  at  05:48 PM
Stingrays are not cnidarians. Sea-jellies and hydrazoans are cnidarians. Stingrays are vertibrates belonging to the group chondrichthyes along with sharks. They're fish.

Horseshoe crabs are related to spiders being arthropods in the group chelicerata.

Horseshore crabs and stingrays are not closely related, period. You'd be less wrong if you said that the person was a stingray since you'd at least have an animal from the correct phylem.
Posted by MooseProwler  in  San Diego  on  Mon Apr 30, 2007  at  02:14 AM
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