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The Nazi Air Marker Hoax, 1942
Use your left ear to detect lies
The Great New York Zoo Escape Hoax, 1874
The most sacred relic: the Holy Foreskin, circa 800 AD
Rare planetary alignment decreases gravity, 1976
The Cradle of the Deep, a literary hoax, 1929
Jernegan's Gold Accumulator Scam, 1898
Taco Bells buys the Liberty Bell, 1996
The damp spot that hoaxed a city, 1912
The Crown Prince Regent of Thulia, 1954
Berners Street Redux
First the police showed up at the house on Bristol Ferry Road to investigate a phoned-in report of domestic disturbance and narcotics. Finding nothing, they left. Then three taxicabs showed up, claiming someone had called for a pickup. Then delivery guys from Pizza Hollywood, Steve's Pizza, and Carmella's added to the crowd. It sounds like someone was trying to re-enact the infamous Berners Street Hoax of 1810. Although, of course, I don't think anyone has ever managed to top the crowd at Berners Street.
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Posted by The Curator on Wed Nov 24, 2004
Comments (5)
What's a "steak grinder"?

My first thought was that...teeth grind steak...but then I realized it would have to be something you'd deliver with a pizza. No one get's teeth with their pizza. Is it another food of some sort?
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Nov 28, 2004  at  12:52 PM
A steak grinder is a sandwich made of steak which has been grinded. er, grounded. ground.
Posted by bobo  on  Sun Nov 28, 2004  at  02:14 PM
Thanks for clearing that up.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Nov 28, 2004  at  02:57 PM
A "grinder" is the popular name in some areas for what in other regions is called a submarine, a hero, a hoagie, a torta, or a po'boy. In other words, a large, thick sandwich made with a large oval-shaped piece of bread.
So "two large steak grinders" could be glossed as "two super-sized steak sandwiches."
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Mon Nov 29, 2004  at  03:55 PM
I just say "sandwich". It keeps things simple.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Wed Dec 01, 2004  at  01:35 PM
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