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American Idol Scandal
To be honest, the whole American Idol thing has completely passed me by. I've never watched a single episode of it (though I have spent some time listening to William Hung... I don't know why). But it didn't surprise me to read that American Idol's voting system is essentially a sham, highly vulnerable to manipulation by gamblers.
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Posted by The Curator on Mon May 17, 2004
Comments (2)
I've said it before...
Reality shows are the final sign of the coming apocalypse...
or proof that most people are really not that bright.
Posted by Gee..  in  Boise  on  Mon May 17, 2004  at  01:55 PM
Like we really care if someone wants to eat cow parts or win a singing contract that will take them nowhere. Reality TV has no point whatsoever.
Posted by Alex  in  GA  on  Mon May 17, 2004  at  06:52 PM
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