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Weird Amazon Reviews
Stephen Eckett's book on Online Investing is full of practical info such as "how to import web data into a spreadsheet - quick ways to copy text from a web page - using more than one ISP - minimising connection charges - speeding up browsing - improving download speeds." Which is why it seems odd that the reviewer for The Daily Telegraph would declare this "the funniest book I have read for ages." Or that The Scotsman reviewer would declare "I laughed out loud on every page." Hmm. I think Amazon got their reviews mixed up. Specifically, I think they mixed up the reviews for The Life & Death of Rochester Sneath with Stephen Eckett's investing book.
Categories: Literature/Language
Posted by The Curator on Mon Oct 04, 2004
Comments (2)
What if it is actually a really funny technical book?
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Mon Oct 04, 2004  at  09:01 PM
That occurred to me. The title could be misleading, kind of like Jincy Willett's Winner of the National Book Award
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Oct 04, 2004  at  09:22 PM
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