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Airbrushed Babies
According to The Telegraph, politicians and industry experts have been shocked (shocked!) to learn that magazines occasionally photoshop pictures of babies:

The practice came to light in a BBC documentary, My Supermodel Baby. In footage of a photo shoot for the magazine, the casting director explained how the photograph of baby model Hadley Corbett, five months, was airbrushed: "We lightened his eyes and his general skin tone, smoothed out any blotches and the creases on his arms," he said. "But we want it to look natural."

Honestly, this seems like a non-issue to me. It's not like doctoring baby pictures is a new thing. Remember Baby Adolf?
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Posted by The Curator on Wed Nov 18, 2009
Comments (5)
Still, it's rather creepy that the cutest thing on the planet is FIXED. Although, I did wonder where all their baby acne went. Most babies get it...but magazine babies didn't seem to.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Wed Nov 18, 2009  at  08:22 AM
What else can you do with a picture of an ugly baby?
Posted by KDP  in  Madill, OK  on  Wed Nov 18, 2009  at  10:36 AM
That kid is still pretty ugly. But then again I think most babies are ugly.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Wed Nov 18, 2009  at  02:22 PM
"But we want it to look natural." LOL. Give me a break.
Posted by Charles  in  Michigan  on  Wed Nov 18, 2009  at  03:28 PM
What I always like is how in movies or on television, whenever they have a scene where a child is born, the "newborn" is obviously at least several months old and is usually all scrubbed off (with perhaps a slight bit of red makeup smudged artistically about). Real newborns look less like babies and more like something unpleasant that happened.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Wed Nov 18, 2009  at  03:39 PM
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