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Aicha Kid Suicide Video
image One of the many random viral videos that floats around the internet is this 'Aicha Kid Video' that shows a skinny teenager singing and dancing to the song 'Aicha'. But before you click on the link to see the video, first read about the urban legend that accompanies the video, because I think it makes the video itself much more interesting. According to the UL, there's an 'uncut' version of this video, and in this uncut version... well, this poster from ebaumsworld summarizes it better than I could:

it is hard to get the unedited one, most of them stop after he is dancing. In the full version after he dances, he gets a knife out from under his minnie mouse comforter and slits his throat. He bleeds out all over his adidas sweatshirt and falls on the floor. The camera keeps taping for another 5 minutes until the tape runs out. I think you can get the full version on Ya it is sad.

So does this uncut suicide kid video actually exist? I don't think so. At least, if it does I can't find it anywhere. Though in a variant of the UL, the non-existence of the extended video is explained away by the fact that the skinny kid's parents supposedly filed a lawsuit to get it removed from the internet. If the video does exist I'm sure that I'll hear about it eventually, but I'd bet good money on it just being a stupid rumor.
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Jan 20, 2005
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*looks at links above*

Oh, maybe he IS Aicha! Oh well.
Posted by Jake  on  Sat Jan 07, 2006  at  03:34 PM
I work for MTV and am trying to locate this Aicha kid, or anyone who does any similar singing or dancing showcases with their webcams! I am particularly interested in people in the UK at the moment.
I'd appreciate any leads - these web-stars are very illusive!
Posted by poppyd  in  london  on  Mon Jan 09, 2006  at  10:23 AM
downer thats sad... i herd that it is true and u can get the version on its v.ery sad 2 see a young boy kill himself.... let him R.I.P hmmm
Posted by Roxy  in  England  on  Sat Jan 21, 2006  at  05:38 AM
I heard it actually did happen. The kid apparently went to Handsworth, a school that I live by.
Posted by Jessica  in  Vancouver  on  Wed Feb 01, 2006  at  09:01 PM
This is a piece of crap!
Posted by cale  in  SCG  on  Thu Feb 02, 2006  at  09:05 AM
the origional version of this song iw WKD! its sung by 3 muslim guys a morrocan houstan nd a paki. i luv thm!
btw the bands called OUTLANDISH!
Posted by aisha  in  uk  on  Mon Feb 06, 2006  at  04:06 PM
yh they r muslims
the songs bout muslim gurls n the prejudice abuse they get from wearin scarves n that theyr brave to wear them nd not care wat the other ppl think. nd its bout a girl called aicha, i didn get the video properly (this is all in the origional video)not gelliman! (hez such a geek)
Posted by maya  in  uk  on  Mon Feb 06, 2006  at  05:14 PM
Where at on
I know that it is sab but i dont kno if it is true unless that i see it.
Posted by mike  on  Wed Feb 15, 2006  at  03:34 PM
OMG! what a waste of time, the idea is kinda kewl about the kid killing himself just cause it makes a good story, but its not true, i cud c y the idea went on for so long......its a relief knowin the true tho...........peace F*ckers!
Posted by sum guy  on  Tue Feb 21, 2006  at  10:25 PM
i was looking around and i found this site but i cant read anything on yeah.. i dont think hes dead. hes a cute guy and the video was cool...i kept looking for stuff cuz i wanted to know if that was really him singing or not.. i havent found anything that says otherwise..but im not sure. anyways heres the site link thing .u may have already been there or seen it..but i thought ide post it anyways.!

Posted by lexi  in  minnesota  on  Mon Feb 27, 2006  at  12:37 PM
Posted by Solved  on  Thu Mar 02, 2006  at  11:08 AM
Posted by enufalready  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  02:50 PM
I would like to imform you, that gelliman is alive and well...for all you people who do not believe it... get a myspace account and search for his name 'gellieman'

gellieman, seems to love life...and it says on his site :
About me:
My name is Jelle and I am 17 years old. Many people know me as Gellieman and have seen my Aicha video. I get lots of positive feedback about that video and am looking into making another classic for all of my wonderful fans.

this shows he couldnt kill himself on the he talks about making the video in PAST TENSE!!!
Posted by sapien sabre  in  aussie  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  12:33 AM
the myspace and other pages are just imposters. I saw the news article and I have seen the video from The kid slit his throat and is dead. It really happened, he is really dead. don't keep purpetuating the lie that he is alive by posting fake myspace pages.
Posted by jimgrody  on  Mon Apr 03, 2006  at  08:22 PM
Yeah. The story about him slitting his throat is a hoax. Ha ha.

He's still alive and kicking, working on getting a record deal (I wouldn't sign him) and probably fighting acne.
Posted by smif  on  Tue Apr 04, 2006  at  04:16 PM
so if he killed himself, who edited the video together and put it out on the internet...
Posted by santos  on  Tue May 02, 2006  at  05:52 PM
My little sister saw the full version, though she cant remember where she saw it. She told me that the guy danced some more and that was it. Also, If the kid killed himself in the video, how could he have edited the movie and put it online. I heard he had a website at one point, dont know if thats true tho
Posted by jOnny  on  Sun May 07, 2006  at  04:03 PM
just visit his site!! he's aliuve, and why dou;d be be break dancing before he kills himself???
Posted by colin  in  ohio  on  Thu May 18, 2006  at  10:36 PM
Anyone who says that he/she has seen the uncut version is a liar.
There is no uncut version.
The person is alive.
He is a fellow student of me at KdG Antwerp.(Luckily for me he is not in my class)
This dutch site is a thread started by the kid known as Jelle buelens dated 28-1-2006.
It is a discussion about an assignment of one of the subjects he attends to (C programming).
Posted by Blood_Raven  in  Belgium  on  Sun May 21, 2006  at  10:57 AM

i agree god dam lieing scumbags.
Posted by Dan  on  Sun May 21, 2006  at  10:53 PM
to Vampy...

someones a compulsive liar.
Posted by Dan  on  Sun May 21, 2006  at  10:56 PM
i think he didnt kill himself in that video because iv seen some website with more videos he has done on it and they are all as weird as the aicha one!
Posted by rachel  on  Wed May 24, 2006  at  08:43 AM
i dnt think its true cos :
.how cud ha have gone bak to edit it with them words?
. put it on the internet
.and y wudnt it b on de news??
. n it jut wudnt appen doe wud it.
Posted by Emma n Jen  in  England  on  Wed Jun 07, 2006  at  03:31 PM
Hi my name is catherine smith and when i saw this video i thought it was really funny because of the way he was dancing and everything, and i could'nt stop watching it and telling all of my friends. But now i have read that he might have killed himself over what he was singing about,it's made me think that young people can feel very strongly about someone and want to have a relationship with them, it's not just older people that want to get married. So if he did kill himslf i feel very upset for his family and friends and even people that do'nt know him but take pitty over him. luv u all X X X X X X X seeya!!!
Posted by catherine smith  in  dorset  on  Tue Jun 13, 2006  at  06:06 PM
u friggin losers he didnt commit suicide gets lives even tho this video is hilarious and i wish he made more he didnt commit suicide pfft losers who believe there r uncut versions and he died are gay
Posted by got beetz  in  USA  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  04:56 PM
Posted by JKF  on  Mon Jul 03, 2006  at  01:37 PM
Anybody who believes that there is an "unedited" version where he kills himself is a fool.

He's got a damn website!

It's updated!

Loook back in this thread to page TWO and you can get the address!~
Posted by SoxSweepAgain  in  NYC  on  Tue Jul 11, 2006  at  11:38 AM

I saw his suicide video, it was horrible. And if him wasnt him it was his twin!

Posted by skitskit  on  Fri Sep 08, 2006  at  12:51 AM

if u saw the uncut version, is there a likn so everyone else can see it? how did u see it? b/c no one else on this site seems to be able to find it...
Posted by missytiffy87  in  NYC  on  Sun Sep 10, 2006  at  06:27 PM
sry, i meant is there a LINK???
Posted by missytiffy87  in  NYC  on  Sun Sep 10, 2006  at  06:28 PM
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