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A levitating computer mouse?

This levitating computer mouse (aka "The Bat") is listed as a product in the "testing period and research" phase on the site of Kibardin Design. But it's raising a few skeptical eyebrows. Not that it wouldn't be possible to build a levitating mouse, but io9 notes, "to us it looks a little like someone took a Microsoft Arc Mouse, fixed it to a plastic ring, and added a few aesthetic details with the help of some carefully applied modeling clay and a couple coats of Krylon."

The Microsoft Arc Mouse

Even if it is real, what would be the point of a levitating mouse? The Kibardin Design site says the mouse is designed "to prevent and treat the contemporary disease Carpal tunnel syndrome," but as someone who suffers from Carpal tunnel syndrome, I don't see why this would help. It looks like you'd need to keep your wrist bent at a strange angle to use it, which would make the condition worse, not better. Also, would the mouse be able to support the weight of a hand?
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Mar 07, 2013
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According to io9, it would hoover at less than half an inch under the weight of a hand (assuming resting hand that isn't doing anything) "According to the design studio's website, the mouse — product designation: "The Bat" — levitates at a height of 40 millimeters on its own, or 10mm beneath the weight of your 1000g (~2.2-pound) hand."

Once you start actually 'surfing' that hand is going to get a lot heavier so that mouse would be nothing more than 'a mouse'.
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Fri Mar 08, 2013  at  06:17 AM
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