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Rent A Midget
image What's the one thing sure to liven up any party? How about a midget? That's not the answer that would have occurred to me, but it's the premise behind Rent A Midget, a California company that rents out midgets (or little people) to 'hang out at parties'. Based on their website, this company looks real enough, though the only way to be certain would be to go ahead and try to rent a midget through them. The midget entertainment options range from "Midget Strip Shows, to Christmas Cookie Servers or Office Pranks." As shocking and slightly cruel as the idea sounds, I suppose it's no different than what circuses have been doing for centuries (i.e. using midgets as entertainers).
Categories: Entertainment
Posted by The Curator on Fri Jan 07, 2005
Comments (101)
Iam Looking for 2-4 "little" people for a birthday concert to be held at a bar. Wrestling would be plus.
Posted by Mistress Michelle  in  Kenosha  on  Tue May 12, 2009  at  06:31 PM
I need a midget or a dwarf for my teacher. She has a serious fetish for midget men. She prefers the ones that have very big muscles and tatoos. Sometime next week I need it, if this is possible please contact me
-Ena Thulin
Posted by Ena Thulin  in  Massachusetts  on  Fri Jun 05, 2009  at  01:52 PM
I need a dwarf that looks like celebritys??? Do you know where i could find some it is for a b-day party..So i would appreciate it if you could give me a few sites.. THank you!!!!
Posted by PArty  on  Sat Aug 01, 2009  at  03:25 PM
I need a midget dressed in a diaper and go to my girlfriends job and embarass the heck out of her by either singing a love song to her or whatever...she played an ugly joke on me so its payback time!! Can u help me?
Posted by Erica  in  dallas tx  on  Wed Sep 16, 2009  at  06:23 PM
SHORT DWARF .com is apparently a guy named Howard that has no price sheet for his talent. They are very unprofessional and extremely unorganized. Their website says they service areas they don't service therefore they falsely advertise. Not the best resource. I will post better sites. If budget is not a concern, I would go with at least they are clear and concise with regards to pricing. None of the sly tactics tries to get away with.
Posted by Harris Jones  in  NYC  on  Mon Sep 21, 2009  at  11:14 AM
I need a midget or dwarf for my boyfriend's birthday surprise at work On January 18th who will be willing to sing and be over the age of 21. Will negotiate the price upon the meeting. Dress in scantily clad and will be willing to be video taped.
Posted by Emily  in  LaPorte Indiana 46350  on  Thu Sep 24, 2009  at  08:29 PM
is this legal question
Posted by rant rant tn  in  Tennessee  on  Sat Oct 31, 2009  at  02:22 AM
i wont to rent a midget for a christmas party to be an elf! lolz !

i couldnt find ne so i dressed up my nan! hahahahaha [=
Posted by annie  in  sunbury  on  Fri Dec 11, 2009  at  04:14 AM
My friends and me need a way to get to prom. We had the idea of being carried in buy midgets! I hope this won't be seen as disrespectful but we thought it would be a great idea!
Posted by hannahc  on  Mon Jan 11, 2010  at  01:05 PM
Hi, my name is joe jackson and i'm looking for a midget (male) to play a small part in a performance for about 5mins. the performance is FANTASY ISLAND. I'm a african american male and this performance takes place here in atlanta on feb. 7, 2010. please contact me if u know of someone who can assist me and they will be payed. All he has to say is "the plane, the plane" dressed in an all white suit and shoes. thank you inadvance, joe jackson
Posted by mr. joe jackson  in  atlanta ga.,  on  Wed Jan 13, 2010  at  01:04 AM
How far do these midgets travel?
Posted by Jennifer Smith  in  Idaho  on  Thu Jan 28, 2010  at  09:47 PM
I'm interested in renting a midget or midgets for a special upcoming event. Please send me as much information as possible. If you can't furnish any information, can you please refer me to an site that can help.

Thank You
Posted by Scottie Mac Events  in  Boston area  on  Thu Feb 11, 2010  at  02:44 PM
looking for a little person female striper for batchler party can i get one
Posted by aaron young  in  Quakertown PA 18951  on  Tue Mar 23, 2010  at  10:55 PM
Am a USC film student looking to cast the lead of my upcoming music video.

Logline: A disgruntled Koala turns the table on his master and leads a Bond-esque life.

Need someone who is animated and has an outgoing stage presence. Currently intern at Radical Media.
Posted by Kyle Padilla  in  Santa Monica  on  Wed Jun 09, 2010  at  05:21 PM
I am interested in renting a little person to pop out of a box and give teh toast after my best man speech? Wedding is next weekend please let me know asap
Posted by Rusty Garrity  in  NH  on  Thu Jul 22, 2010  at  12:29 PM
looking for a little man to dance at a birthday party Sept 11, 2010 in Brookville In about 1 hour from indy or 1 hr from cinn. oh
race is not a factor
please notify me if available with info
Posted by susie  in  Brookville In  on  Tue Aug 10, 2010  at  03:33 PM
i am looking for two little people to prank my husband as cops for our anniversary in mcallen tx
Posted by vanessa  in  Mcallen, tx  on  Wed Nov 10, 2010  at  03:32 PM
want midget for husband at christmas. Can you help?
Posted by joesy  in  minerva ohio  on  Wed Dec 08, 2010  at  11:06 PM
I'm a business owner and I am looking to hire a little person and not sure how to find one looking for a good paying job! If nebody knows how I can find a little person that wants a normal job plse let me know!!
Posted by Chasity  in  Mcalester oklahoma  on  Sat Dec 18, 2010  at  02:20 AM
i have used dwarf entertainment happy with them , great website,
Posted by elitekissagrams  in  dublin, ireland  on  Thu Mar 10, 2011  at  10:06 AM
i want to rent am idget for halloween to dress up like a leprechaun and cary around a pot of gold because i want to be a rainbow :3 how much would that cost ??
Posted by caroline desii  in  youranus  on  Thu May 05, 2011  at  01:39 PM
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