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I just received this request from USA Today. I'm not sure how to respond to it. Any suggestions?

We are doing a story on 10 great places that have fools in their name. Do
you have any handout photographs of the exterior or interior of the museum?
Thanks so much,
Life Picture Desk
Categories: Miscellaneous, Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Mon Mar 21, 2005
Comments (48)
I received an email with these pictures of extreme cars attached. Are they real? I'm not sure, though they look like something you'd find in a Worth1000 photoshop contest. I have the feeling that I've seen the pictures before, but I'm not sure where or when. I'm sure someone will know the story behind them.
Categories: Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Mon Mar 21, 2005
Comments (22)
image The setting is a dorm room. A kid gets sprayed with water and retaliates by throwing a pair of scissors which, if you think the video is real, lodge in the arm of the kid spraying the water. I'm skeptical that it's real. Those would have to be some pretty sharp scissors to stick in an arm like that and most scissors are blunt (purposefully).
Categories: Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Sun Mar 20, 2005
Comments (51)
I guess we're supposed to believe that these two guys have just dug their car out of the snow. Except that the car looks awfully clean for having been buried in snow. If the picture has been photoshopped, I'm not sure which part of it is fake. Or maybe it's real, in which case how did the car get there?
Categories: Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Wed Mar 16, 2005
Comments (52)
image A sign photographed outside a pub in England bears this warning:

Dear Customers,
Thames Valley Police have brought to our attention that thieves now have the technical means to identify electrical products hidden anywhere within a vehicle INCLUDING THE BOOT!
Lap Top Computers being the main target.
Please note we are happy to store most items for the duration of your visit just ask at the bar.

The question this raises in my mind (and the mind of the person who took the picture) is whether thieves really do have the ability to detect laptop computers hidden anywhere in a car, or is the warning a hoax? I suppose it would be possible to detect hidden electronic gear, given the right equipment. But it doesn't seem like the kind of stuff your average thief would be carrying around. And why does the invitation to give your laptop to the guy behind the bar seem a bit fishy?
Categories: Photos/Videos, Technology
Posted by Alex on Mon Mar 14, 2005
Comments (32)
image Ananova brings us the 'Tall-Tail' Egg:

An egg in China has been found with a tail. The egg, found by chef Wang of at his restaurant in Anyang city, Henan province, is normal size, but has a tail that is 3 cm long. It is not known why the egg has the tail reports Dahe Daily. Wang says he wants to hatch the egg and see what will come out.

(via Liquito)
Categories: Animals, Food, Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Thu Mar 10, 2005
Comments (28)
A couple of weeks ago Stephen sent me a set of pictures showing an 'Arkansas Wedding' (the two pictures on the left). At the time I thought the pictures were funny, but obviously just a joke, so I forwarded them to a couple of friends and forgot about them. But now I see that Snopes has created an entry about them, which made me feel like I should have posted them when I first got them. So anyway, here they are. Better late than never. Snopes identifies the photo of the hillbilly couple as an entry in a Worth1000 contest ('If rednecks ruled the world') and the picture of the 'wedding cake' comes from the Twinkies website.

However, I believe I have Snopes scooped with this fake photo (on the far right) of the newly engaged Charles and Camilla. I know it's fake because that's obviously Charles's head photoshopped onto someone else's body.

image image image
Categories: Photos/Videos, Sex/Romance
Posted by Alex on Mon Mar 07, 2005
Comments (9)
I received this mystery image via email, and I'm trying to figure out what it is. It may have nothing at all to do with hoaxes or pranks, but I'm wondering if it's some kind of Japanese prank gadget that makes farting noises. Or is it a really badly named perfume spray? I have no idea. Click the image to enlarge.
Categories: Photos/Videos, Pranks
Posted by Alex on Thu Mar 03, 2005
Comments (21)
image It's being reported that the current issue of Newsweek has a faux picture of Martha Stewart on its cover. Its her head pasted on to someone else's body. "Janice E. Castro, a director at Northwestern's school of journalism, said the fact that the image did not look completely artificial and could be mistaken for the real thing was a problem." Newsweek actually admits that the picture is fake inside the magazine, so I don't think this is really that big a deal. Plus, nowadays I think it would be more surprising if a star on the cover of a magazine weren't photoshopped in some way. Anyway, the most outrageous instance of a celebrity's face combined with someone else's body on a magazine cover remains the August 26, 1989 cover of TV Guide sporting the Oprah/Ann-Margret Frankenstein creation.
Categories: Celebrities, Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Thu Mar 03, 2005
Comments (7)
image True or False: Did Stefan Sigmond of Transylvania gain the world record for smoking by smoking 800 cigarettes in less than six minutes? If I hadn't seen the picture I wouldn't have believed it was possible, but apparently it is true, although I'm a bit wary about whether using this 'special wheel-like device' should really count. It doesn't seem like you would be fully smoking all the cigarettes. Anyway, I hate smoking, but I'd love to see someone whip out a device like this at a bar and start puffing away. (via RealityCarnival)
Categories: Photos/Videos, Sports
Posted by Alex on Wed Mar 02, 2005
Comments (40)
image I've seen big dogs before. But this is ridiculous. There's no way it can be real. I say photoshop. (via Liquito)
Categories: Animals, Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Mon Feb 28, 2005
Comments (47)
I wish these pictures were fake, but they appear to be real. They show bodybuilder Greg Valentine. He got his arms that big by injecting a combination of steroids directly into them. At the risk of being insensitive, I'd say the results look pretty gross. In fact, his biceps no longer look like real biceps at all. They look like strange tumors growing out of his arm. It's a wonder that his biceps are functional at all. (via
Categories: Photos/Videos, Sports
Posted by Alex on Mon Feb 28, 2005
Comments (47)
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