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Philadelphia DJ claims on air that his traffic reporter has one of the winning tickets for the $230 million Powerball lottery. A media frenzy ensues, followed by outrage when it all turns out to be a hoax.
Categories: Radio
Posted by Alex on Mon Jul 14, 2003
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Four teenagers confess to having made the crop circles that appeared in the Sacramento Valley a few weeks ago (the largest circles ever to appear in the US). But others think the teenagers are lying.
Categories: Crop Circles
Posted by Alex on Mon Jul 14, 2003
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Jeff Germann, webmaster of the Superman Museum in Metropolis, IL, writes to tell of an April Fool's Day prank he pulled in the Superman Collectors Monthly Newsletter. With a little help from Photoshop, he managed to convince quite a few people that the Superman statue standing outside the museum had been stolen. He says:
This one article resulted in more emails than any other article we posted.
Believe it or not, I am STILL receiving emails at times from people who are upset over the theft of a fifteen foot tall bronze statue, even though on the "update" link, I come clean about it being a prank.

superman statue superman gone

Now you see it... Now you don't
Categories: April Fools Day
Posted by Alex on Sun Jul 13, 2003
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A New Jersey DJ charmed listeners with her thick Irish brogue and tales of her life growing up in the Emerald Isle. Just one problem. She grew up in New Jersey. (Via the hoaxes community on LiveJournal)
Categories: Identity/Imposters
Posted by Alex on Sat Jul 12, 2003
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A visitor asks if Eurorest is a hoax? Well, if not a hoax, then it's definitely a scam. The premise of Eurorest is that if you agree to send a message promoting their business to seven of your friends (i.e. if you agree to turn yourself into a spammer acting on their behalf), then they'll send you a 'cheque' that you can use to get 14 free days of stay at participating European hotels. But here's where it gets fishy. Sending off the emails doesn't automatically get you a 'cheque.' It only enrolls you in a lottery with the possibility that you'll receive one of these cheques. Who wants to bet that the cheque would never arrive? Plus, when you investigate these cheques more closely, you discover that the stay at the hotels isn't even free. It's only discounted at some of the hotels, while others charge an 'obligatory catering rate.'
Categories: Business/Finance
Posted by Alex on Sat Jul 12, 2003
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A visitor pointed out to me that I had neglected to include Lake Michigan Whale Watching in my list of hoax sites. Plus, while we're on the subject of whale watching in the midwest, let's not forget the web page devoted to the wonders of Mankato, Minnesota, where the temperature never drops below 70 degrees fahrenheit, even in the dead of winter, thanks to the presence of hot springs that heat the air. Mankato boasts a thriving whale watching industry on account of the annual summer migration of the whales up the Minnesota River. And to return to Lake Michigan, who can forget the case of the Viagra spill that temporarily revived its flagging spirits.
Categories: Animals, Places
Posted by Alex on Sat Jul 12, 2003
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fatima yechburg A visitor (Bill Graham) informed me of a memorable hoax that I missed: Ye Olde Frothingsloth Pale Stale Ale. Frothingslosh is a unique beer that's so light that the beer actually floats on top of the foam. It all started out as a running joke on Rege Cordic's Pittsburgh radio show in the 1950s. He made up all kinds of joke ads for this fictitious beer and invented slogans such as "A whale of an ale for the pale stale male" and "Hi dittom dottom, the foam is on the bottom." But the Olde Frothingsloth concept became so popular, that eventually it caught the attention of the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. who started selling small runs of Olde Frothingsloth for special occasions such as Christmas and holidays. Of course, the beer being sold was really just Iron City Beer repackaged with Olde Frothingslosh labels, but the labels themselves were so outrageous that they instantly became prized among beer can collectors. The most popular cans were those that featured Miss Olde Frothingslosh, Fatima Yechburgh (pictured below), the supposed winner of the Frothingslosh Beauty Contest. Fatima was described as a resident of a small town near Pittsburgh. When not studying arc welding, she enjoyed soap carving, arm wrestling, sky diving, and ballet. I believe that the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. still occasionally produces small runs of Olde Frothingslosh. I'd love to try some.
Categories: Food
Posted by Alex on Fri Jul 11, 2003
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Heineken invites you to create your own hoax.
Categories: Advertising
Posted by Alex on Thu Jul 10, 2003
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Last week everyone was linking to this spoof about the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction. It even managed to become the first item displayed if you typed in 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' on Google (though Google has since changed that). In the same spirit, here's a spoof page about Jayson Blair and the New York Times.
Categories: Journalism, Websites
Posted by Alex on Thu Jul 10, 2003
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puppy It sounded awful. Five puppies thrown onto the highway from a moving car. Tracy Lloyd claimed that she managed to save one of them, while other motorists scooped up the other four. Turns out the whole tale was bogus. Lloyd wasn't allowed to keep pets in her apartment, so she had made up a sob-story to convince her landlord to bend the rules for her. Her story was exposed when the person who sold the dog to her saw Lloyd telling about the highway incident on tv.
Categories: Animals, Con Artists
Posted by Alex on Thu Jul 10, 2003
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David Emery, of's Urban Legends and Folklore page, found out that the Baby Ink tattoo parlor was an April Fool's day joke created by a couple of San Diego DJs. The DJs boast about the prank on their website (you need to scroll about halfway down to find the reference).
Categories: Birth/Babies, Websites
Posted by Alex on Thu Jul 10, 2003
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Finally an answer to the riddle of 'what is Splat' that sounds like it's probably correct. According to John Lundberg of, Splat was a sculpture created by the British artist John Isaacs in the mid 1990s.
Categories: Art, Gross, Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Thu Jul 10, 2003
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