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image Nat wrote to me hoping I could shed some light on the mystery posed by this website, New World Radio, but unfortunately I can't. Some mysteries just run far too deep for me. If you care to check it out, it purports to be the front for the 'New World Order' that is soon going to come into power. The agenda for this New World Order includes making all drugs (including alcohol) absolutely illegal, taking back the right to vote from women, and imposing strict censorship on all websites. So they sound like a real fun bunch. The kind it would be nice to kick back and have a beer with. If you actually take the time to listen to their internet radio broadcast (I admit that, yes, I did this), you'll be treated to muzak interspersed with Orwellian tracts read by a computer-synthesized voice. Why would anyone go to all the trouble of creating such a site? My first thought... maybe it's satire? Or maybe it's a ploy to sell a few cafepress t-shirts? The weird thing, as Nat points out, is that they went to an awful lot of effort to hide their identity by registering the site through an IP-redirector service,
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, Websites
Posted by Alex on Thu May 13, 2004
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image Polybius, if you believe this website, was a video game developed by the CIA (or some other shadowy government organization) back in the early days of video games, 1981. But the game was really a secret experiment in behavior modification. Only a few of the game machines ever saw the light of day. They appeared in a few arcades in a suburb of Portland. Kids who played the game reportedly suffered disturbing side effects. They "woke up at night screaming, having horrible nightmares." Some later developed amnesia. Occasionally black-coat types would come to collect 'records' from the games. So did Polybius really exist, or is it all a hoax? Here is a rare photograph of one of the Polybius machines (or perhaps it's just a modern photoshop). Even if it is just a hoax (which, yeah, it probably is) it still makes a pretty good story. (Thanks, Rob).
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, Technology
Posted by Alex on Wed May 12, 2004
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Lex Cusack is in jail for selling love letters supposedly written in 1961 by JFK to Marilyn Monroe. The problem is that the letters contained zip codes, and zip codes only came into use in 1963. Now the FBI wants to destroy all the letters, and Cusack is crying foul. He argues that even if the letters are fake (he continues to claim they're real), they're still his property and the government can't just destroy them.
Categories: Con Artists, Conspiracy Theories, Politics
Posted by Alex on Sun Mar 14, 2004
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Anson also sent along a second site: Majestic Twelve. This is the webpage of a super-above-top secret organization that may or may not cooperate with aliens in the abduction of human beings.
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, Extraterrestrial Life
Posted by Alex on Mon Jan 12, 2004
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The moon is our enemy. Therefore, we must blow it up. That pretty much sums up the philosophy of the Citizens' Association to Blow Up the Moon.
Categories: Conspiracy Theories
Posted by Alex on Thu Jan 01, 2004
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The reenactment of the Wright Brothers' first flight failed. I hate to say it, but the members of the Man Will Never Fly Society, whom I linked to just a few posts below, did predict that would happen.
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, History
Posted by Alex on Wed Dec 17, 2003
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men will never flyAccording to the members of the Man Will Never Fly Society, the official account of the Wright Brothers' 1903 first flight, the anniversary of which is coming up on Dec. 17th, is all a hoax. They contend that the plane never flew... and all subsequent manned flights are a hoax also. Never mind that the majority of the members of this society are pilots. Every year they meet and have a boozy celebration to commemmorate the Wright Brothers' non-flight. In fact, alcohol seems to be the main focus of their meetings, because the more they drink the more confident they become in the truth of their position. So it might best be described as a drinking club. Their motto is "Birds fly. Men drink," and their website proclaims: "The Man Will Never Fly Memorial Society has fought the hallucination of airplane flight with every weapon at its command save sobriety." Sounds like a fun group to be a member of. (Thanks to Alex Richbourg for the link).
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, History
Posted by Alex on Fri Dec 12, 2003
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Thanks to an anonymous visitor for this link which documents, at last, what I've long suspected—that drive-in movie theaters were designed and built by aliens from outer space for the purpose of studying us and beaming messages into our brains.
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, Extraterrestrial Life
Posted by Alex on Mon Jul 14, 2003
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This day in hoax history. June 20, 1977: Alternative 3 aired in England. Viewers learned that a secret world government has been creating a Noah's Ark colony of humans on Mars in anticipation of the environmental catastrophe that will soon make the Earth uninhabitable.
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, Extraterrestrial Life
Posted by Alex on Sat Jun 21, 2003
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Truth and paranoid fiction becoming blurred in the modern world (Editorial from the Daily Pennsylvanian).
Categories: Conspiracy Theories
Posted by Alex on Fri Jul 12, 2002
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