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September 2002
Scientific Fraud at Bell Labs. Jan Hendrik Schon, a nanotechnology hotshot, gets caught falsifying data.

Categories: Science
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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image This picture of Bush reading a children's book upside down is a fake. Read the explanation here.
Categories: Photos/Videos, Politics
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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From the Financial Times, the search for the celebrated ceramic toad of Japan:
Few stories encapsulate the madness that was Japan's economic bubble as neatly as the tale of the most powerful ceramic toad in stock market history. At one point in the late 1980s, this toad controlled a Dollars 20bn portfolio, having received trading tips via messages from the gods. This amphibian George Soros has since disappeared, and its owner, a former bar hostess-turned-restaurant owner, is in jail. But on the basis that the gods might still be sending it messages, the Financial Times travelled to Osaka, Japan's most entrepreneurial city, to try to track down this slippery metaphor for all that went wrong with Japan. The toad was owned by Nui Onoue, herself an extraordinary product of the 1980s. Having started out as a hostess, she invested funds derived from her relations with a powerful construction magnate in a restaurant in Osaka's entertainment area of Sennichimae. It was on the fourth floor of this restaurant, called Egawa, that the toad held court. Mrs Onoue had developed a reputation around the tables of her restaurant for astute stock market purchases and her customers demanded to know her secret. She led them upstairs and showed them the one metre high ceramic toad. She asked them to lay their hands on its head, chanted some mantras, and dispelled the toad's wisdom in the form of stock market tips. If the toad's influence had ended there it would have been little more than a story of unusual reptilian resource. But as word spread she was visited by senior executives from the Industrial Bank of Japan, Nomura Securities, Yamaichi Securities and others. According to Alex Kerr, an author, by 1991, IBJ had lent her Y240bn and 29 other banks and financial institutions had advanced her more than Y2,800bn. Lines of limousines were parked every night outside her restaurant awaiting the toad's pronouncements. Her portfolio collapsed alongside the Nikkei 225 in 1989 and Mrs Onoue was eventually sentenced to 12 years in jail for using fake certificates of deposit as collateral for loans. The chairman of IBJ, one of Japan's most powerful men, was forced to resign as a result of his trust in Mrs Onoue's web-footed friend. But the whereabouts of the toad remain unknown.
Categories: Animals, Business/Finance
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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Apparently Saddam Hussein employs many doubles of himself. The men shown below are apparently not the real Hussein. They're his doubles. So will the real Saddam Hussein please stand up?
Categories: Body Manipulation, Military, Politics
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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image A cool checkerboard optical illusion
Categories: Photos/Videos
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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It's time for the Annual Bigfoot conference.
Categories: Cryptozoology
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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Does Idaho really exist?
Categories: Places
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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image Strange crop circle mystery in London's Kew Gardens. A flower-shaped crop circle appeared in a field of wheat that had been specially grown there as part of an exhibit.
Categories: Crop Circles
Posted by Alex on Thu Sep 26, 2002
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A high school sociology assignment goes a little too far when students stage a fake abduction.
Categories: Pranks
Posted by Alex on Thu Sep 26, 2002
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image The forger John Myatt has now become respectable and is showing and selling his art in galleries. The works are still forgeries, but now they're openly acknowledged as such, and they're flying off the shelves.
Categories: Art
Posted by Alex on Tue Sep 24, 2002
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A glitch in Wesleyan's email system sparked an e-mail riot when students realized that they were all plugged into a network that gave them access to the e-mail of every other student at the college.
Categories: Email Hoaxes
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 23, 2002
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Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist muses on when pranks and hoaxes can get out of hand... as in the case of terrorist hoaxes
Categories: Hate Crimes/Terror
Posted by Alex on Thu Sep 19, 2002
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For the past six months thousands of people have been flocking to see a small fibreglass statue of the Virgin Mary in a church in Perth, Australia that is supposedly weeping rose-scented tears. But many scientists, including Doug Clarke of Murdoch University, dismiss the statue as a hoax: Mr Clarke believes that when the statue was made, a cavity was built into the head of the statue and for some reason he believes it has been filled with an oil similar to soya-bean oil.
Categories: Religion
Posted by Alex on Wed Sep 18, 2002
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The hot new thing in extreme adventure: Fake Abductions. People are actually paying for the excitement of being abducted. Bizarre.
Categories: Entertainment
Posted by Alex on Tue Sep 17, 2002
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