Bears Play Hockey: Real or Hoax?
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This is my first post, so please move this if I put it in the wrong location.  Oh, and hi!

I saw a video of bears playing hockey.  Does anyone know if this is real or not?  My brain says it seems too fantastic to be real, but my gut is less skeptical.  It also strikes me as a possible viral advertising campaign, though I can’t think of what it would be for.  You seem to be the internets’ resident experts on this subject, and a search of your archives turned up nothing.

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Because of how the camra is angled, and the ease at which they stand on two legs on ice, makes me think it’s fake. You never know though.
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Well, I suppose it’s possible.  Without better footage, it’s pretty hard to tell much about whether or not they were real bears in all the parts of the video.  I think that in some parts they were real, at least.  Being able to get a better look at the shape and style and size of the skates would help tell what was what.

And it’s not like they were really playing hockey, either.  It looked as though the sticks were sort of strapped to their paws, and they were never actually acting as teams or with any sort of strategy or anything.  Most of the time they were just sitting there looking bemused, and only every now and then would one swing at the puck.  Bears can be trained to do some fairly surprising stuff, like ride bicycles.  I don’t see why they couldn’t be trained to move awkwardly on skates and flail around with a stick at a puck.


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I once saw a bear wrestling, Back from the fifties…

It was what the WWE used to be back then and the bear was doing hip tosses, DTD"s, and suplexses…
Along with Irish whips and a few other things..

So it would I think be conceivable….


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thats kinda sad actually