Doctors Find 6 Sewing Needles in Baby
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from: AP news]Albequerque Journal[/url]

Jun 18, 10:40 PM EDT

Doctors Find 6 Sewing Needles in Baby

BEIJING (AP)—Doctors in southern China were planning to perform surgery on a 1-year-old boy whose parents took him to a hospital because he had been unusually fussy and learned he had six sewing needles in his body, newspapers reported Monday.

The child’s parents, migrant workers from southwest China, said they had no idea how the needles ended up in their son, nicknamed Xiao Yu.

The Beijing Youth Daily ran a color photo of an X-ray showing five needles throughout the boy’s torso. The Beijing Morning Post printed close-ups of the X-ray, plus another that showed a needle that had apparently been pushed through the top of the child’s head.

The photographs showed the needles completely embedded inside the boy.

“We have to perform the surgery as soon as possible, but we cannot promise that we can remove all the needles,” the doctor, Gu Yong, was quoted as saying.

The parents said they took Xiao Yu to a hospital on June 2 after he cried for three or four nights in a row and ate less than usual.

An X-ray taken there revealed two needles inside the boy’s chest. He was sent for surgery at another hospital, where a second X-ray revealed four more needles - two in his scrotum, one in his head and another in his abdomen.

The parents, who work at a bag factory in southern China’s Guangzhou city, said no strangers have come into contact with the boy.

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That’s disgusting. I can’t work out if it’s bizarre child abiuse of acpuncture gone horribly wrong.


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Someone was treating the kid as a real life voodoo doll…  Shoot em….


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Hi, new, former lurker.

Just to note, it’s pretty common for someone to swallow inedible objects, including needles which work their way out of the body and not out the way most others swallowed things exit.

I have a copy of the Mutter Museum’s coffee table book of medical images, instruments, and oddities, and one was an X-ray from a teenage girl who compulsively swallowed needles, and the X-ray showed the needles coming out of her neck.  The image was next to a small box containing the extracted needles.

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Kids can grab things & put them in their mouths pretty quickly.  Once, when I was at my mother’s house w/ Jocelynn, who was about 9 months old at the time…I pushed some of my mom’s sewing things back on a table…so they weren’t near enough the edge for Jocelynn to touch them.

Well, I was sitting in a chair, facing the table (large coffee table).  Jocelynn toddles over & starts banging on the table.  I took a quick peek at her (I had a newspaper or book or something I was looking at)...and she wasn’t close enough to the sewing stuff to get me nervous.  Then…after about 10 seconds, I can feel her holding onto my legs & trying to climb onto my lap.  I looked down at her, her face is red, she’s making this little choking noise…cries for a second.  Then she stops & acts totally normal.  Did she swallow one of the pins from the fabric or not?  Maybe she found one that was loose from the others so I hadn’t noticed it.

We took her up to an urgent care…and they did an x-ray.  No needles…but it was still a little scary, wondering if she had actually swallowed something dangerous.


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