Is Al Gore a Hoax?
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Okay, yeah, I admit it, I just do not like the guy.  Nothing to do with his politics, I am a tree-hugging nutcase myself, and honestly I think the world would be far better off right now had he been President, rather than that bumbling poseur we have, but here is why I just find the guy so distasteful:

(First, as a Roofing Contractor, I deal with pretty much hard, solid reality.  My men either did the job right or they didn’t.  All the spin in the world cannot change that.)

Anyway, Mr. Gore flies about the world in his private, carbon-spewing jet plane, telling us about the dangers of spewing carbon all over the planet.  I guess flying commercial first-class and actually rubbing elbows with us heathen unwashed masses is too horrible to endure for him.

He lives in a 12,000 sq ft mansion, plus maintains three other residences, while telling us to turn down the A/C unit.

When VP, he had a reservoir drained in a drought-stricken New England township, so he could be photgraphed while kayaking downstream (how benignly green!)

While a US Senator from Tennessee, therefore extremely powerful, he was cited for allowing zinc run-off from a strip-mining operation he ran on his own property.  His response?  “I couldn’t run a profit if I followed the regs.”  You have got to be pretty blatant in your wrong-doings in your own home county to get cited when you are among the five most powerful people in your own state, and whose father was a demagogue himself.  And this guy wrote, ‘Earth In The Balance.’

You know, responsible people lead by example.  Anybody can stand back and tell everyone else what to do, while totally ignoring their own platitudes. 

His campaign slogan should be, ‘Do as I say, not as I do!  Uncle Al knows what is good for you!’

And now, this guy is slyly jockeying to gain the Democrat nomination again.

Just what the world needs as the most powerful man in the world, another blatant fraudulent phony. 

Dan the occasionally cynical political observer

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Aren’t all politicians pretty much like that?


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Covered at great length here


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