Save your $100 bills! Toby doesn’t need them!
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                Left Hanging in a Rude Manner by Toby Alexander!

After having the first two sessions (aura, and karma) my sister and I waited anxiously for Toby

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                                My take on Toby Alexander

I just want to add to what Victor has said here about Toby and his DNA Perfection service.
I had 5 sessions with him, as did Victor. But I, also, have never received a report on any of them,
regarding what he did at those times.
Each session is $100.00…for me, equalling $500.00 total!
I don’t know what he did at any of them, and it appears he is not interested much in having the ‘report session’ with me.
So far, I have noticed no changes in myself at all, though the sessions started well back into early July.

Seeing the way he jerked my brother around about what was the important reason he signed on for the sessions
(You can read all about that in Victor’s blog!)......I have lost all confidence in the man and what he’s trying to get people interested in.

He’s making a lot of money, which seems to be his prime interest. That would be ok if he actually did what he says he does, and gave proper reports on that to each of his clients.

Anyway, just something for anyone to think about before getting involved with this DNA Perfection. Hundred dollar bills are
hard to come by, especially when you are left feeling they were thrown away!

                                          Carol (Victor’s sister)

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Ahh, good ole DNA Activation…where have you been?

Oh, that’s right.  Here.


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Geez, leftwing, it took you a grand to realise that you’d been had?!

I deduce a slow metabolism must have inhibited your brain function. You need to buy some Lifewave(tm) patches, they’ll increase your metabolism and stop you falling for scams like this ever again! Plus, they’re quantum!