Unleashed poop?
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I don’t know if this was intentional by a human or just by an unleashed dog of apparent large size but I checked the front door to see the weather status and to check for any packages on the front stoop and discover massive mounds of rather mushy poop right at the threshold, down the steps and trailing further down the front walk.  If a mailman or other delivery had come, OR when we needed to exit or enter occurred, we would not have been able to dodge the mountains that had further been sludged by light rain. 

I had to try sweeping the stuff off to the sides which brought matter into the bristles of my broom, then I made hot water with much dish detergent and sloughed off the rest of the residue and to assure the slop in my broom bristles was cleared (as well as I could).


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It sounds like a dog with some intestinal trouble got loose.  sick  We’ve been fortunate that we haven’t had any issues like that, even though our front yard isn’t fenced.  There just don’t seem to be many loose dogs around here, and when they are, it’s accidental, with the owners actively out looking for the dogs.


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