Man Pays $137 Traffic Ticket With 137 Origami Pigs In Donut Boxes *HUGE GRIN*
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((Video on news link))

Man Pays $137 Traffic Ticket With 137 Origami Pigs In Donut Boxes
Posted: 09/12/2012 2:13 pm Updated: 09/13/2012 10:56 am

Here’s a guy who really wanted to stick it to the man.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday shows a man paying for a $137 traffic ticket with 137 painstakingly folded origami pigs.

The man, who goes by the apt YouTube moniker “Bacon Moose,” explains his actions in the video description:

I got this ticket in a town where the cops (and absurd redlight cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that’s it. I decided to pay in an appropriate manner—137 origami pig $1 bills, put in a pair of dozen-donut dunkin donut boxes.

The $1 piggies took around six hours to prepare. But “Bacon Moose” said he believes it was well worth it. “ paid in style,” he said.

As might be expected, the cashier at the police station was not too happy at the boxed surprise.

“What’s that?” the cashier asks, nonplussed. “I am not going to take them like that. The way that you have it folded…I’m not going to sit here and unfold all of that.”

After a bit of awkward back-and-forth, the man is finally asked by a police officer to unfold all the dollar bills.

“That’s pretty cool and that took a lot of time. Little piggies in a donut box. I got it, I got it,” said the police officer, as he snapped a shot of the boxes with his phone.

Even the cashier eventually came around to the idea.

“You made me laugh. I’ll give you mad props,” he said. “You have made my day sir, I’ll give you that.”

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Guy’s lucky he didn’t run a light in THIS town.. Fines are upwards of $400 here!

I am reminded of a story, many years ago, about a guy who literally took the shirt off his back, and made it into a check to pay his taxes.


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He clearly has too much time on his hands. Probably because he runs red lights and gets everywhere without delay.

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I don’t drive, and I’m also glad I can’t walk fast enough to run a red light either although right now, since surgery and walking with a cane, if I started across when the light had just turned green, it might take me through a couple (or more) light changes to make it all the way across.  I’m pretty sure I’d just be a mass of flotsom on the road since cars wouldn’t wait…................


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I love this little piggies.  I’m going to have to learn how to make one of those.  As for paying the ticket with them, why not?  I dont’ believe there’s anything in the laws that say you cant’ inconvenience the recipient with your menthod of payment.  Althought they may get upset dollar bills are still legal tender and who can resist a donut box full of origami piggies?


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