TV/Movies possible hoaxes
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I’ve noticed something in American movies - especially in the ones about small governmental agencies: very fast sophisticated computers. Now.. let’s think this much money can receive such an agency? Do they really afford advanced computers or this is only a deliberate hoax fabricated to make people believe that “we know everything about you” ?

Second question - if Discovery Chanel has so many shows like “Forensic Detectives” ( it makes people believe that every murder and murderer is unveiled by science) then why are so many cold cases in reality shows? We all see huge archive rooms filled with boxes - each box is a case, often a melodramatic story. Am i the only one seeing the discrepancy here?

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Well, I don’tt hink there’s so much a conspiracy so much as ‘the reality is incredibly boring’. Who wants to watch a CSI show where folks fiddle with lab equipment for six weeks to get a partial fingerprint, which then takes another four weeks to go through the database?


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True, reality is boring on tv. I do think there are some shows that reinforce the message “You won’t get away with it.” I doubt they’re talking to actual criminals, though, because I doubt criminals watch these shows.
Their main audience is older people who enjoy the combination of “crime doesn’t pay” morality and the voyeurism of the “dramatic reenactments” of the crimes. Elderly ladies, especially, seem to enjoy the titillation of believing that there’s an axe murderer just around the corner of their house. It seems to be the only rush they really get anymore.


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I could see that the exaggerated capabilities of law enforcement/national security organisations (CSI, NCIS etc etc) could be effective as a tool to reassure the public into thinking they’re well protected, and possibly even deter some would be first time/amateur smalltime criminals since they might feel comitting some petty offence isn’t worth it because they’ll definately be caught out, but as you say a professional criminal, whether they’re an NCIS viewer or not, isn’t likely to be too put off.

But as also mentioned, I think it might be an element of reality just not being exciting enough. You’re probably not going to be as thrilled by a show where everything’s a bit like your own work life, everyone’s fumbling with equipment past its best, being told there’s no room in the budget for anything better, it takes ages for some important thing to get done and even then the results might be disappointing, they sometimes get stuff wrong and have to go back and correct their mistakes or just live with the consequences, (although as you say there are all those harrowing Cold Cases, and sometimes they do fail in some dramatic and spectacular way that involves major story twists or something,) and interdepartmental or organisational squabbles leave everyone feeling cheated and bitter.

I think there might also be an element of wish fulfillment. The hero characters of these shows are often characters lots of us would love to be like. Always understanding and knowledgable, generally know the truth straight away, and can always trust their instinct, always gets the job done, etc etc. So as part of that, they of course have to be able to find case-breaking evidence right in the nick of time, analyse it in the space of a montage with the click of a button, break some impenetrable puzzle, stop a fleeing bad guy with a single well aimed shot, and all while getting the better of all the interdepartmental/other organisational rivals who’d like to see them fail. It’s how we’d like to be in those situations.