Go see the dead vampires!
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‘Vampire’ graves may bring hordes to Bulgaria

The discovery of the graves of suspected vampires in Bulgaria may turn into a tourism gold mine, according to local news reports.

During excavations of a monastery in the city of Sozopol, Bulgaria’s National Museum of History says it unearthed two skeletons that showed the deceased person had been stabbed through the heart with an iron rod.

“This was (the) customary way (in) Bulgarian medieval tradition to deal with people which were presumed to be vampires,” the museum’s website says.

People at the time of the burial of the skeletons, about 700 years ago, thought that stabbing the corpses multiple times with an iron rod through the heart would prevent the dead from rising and attacking the living, museum director Bozhidar Dimitrov said, according to a report from the Sofia News Agency.

Dimitrov said more than 100 such “vampire” burials have been discovered in Bulgaria over the years, according to the Sofia News Agency.

But headlines of the latest find have piqued interest in the U.S., Europe and Asia, the report said, and tour operators are fielding inquiries about what it called “vampire vacations.”

Already, people were lining up at the excavation site at the monastery of St. Nicolas the Wonderworker, the Sofia News Agency reported.

Big lines for vampires could pump even more blood into the country’s expanding tourism industry. Bulgaria led the European Union last year in the increase in hotel occupancy by foreigners, with numbers up almost 20% over the previous year.

No stats on how many of those folks slept with the lights on, however.


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“Go see the dead vampires!”

So they were the un-dead. Now they’re the dead-dead, no longer the living-dead, nor the dead-living, just the dead-dead.


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