The FBI and UFOs
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If you


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Sure. Great.  Like I’m not already missing enough sleep! shut eye  raspberry

(Cool find! I’ve almost worked my way through the recent British UFO files release!) LOL


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Good Post UB.  The military had several investigations before Project Blue Book, Project Grudge being the first.  I got to meet Dr. J. Allen Hyneck in 1978 or so at a Palm Beach Lion’s Club sponsored lecture.  At the end of the lecture, he invited anyone with a UFO story to speak to him at his hotel room before his plane took off.  My Mother’s boyfriend who took me wished to relate an experience he had so we went and met with him for about 1 1/2 hours.  We were the only folks that took him up on the offer.  I had read his “The UFO Experience” and sat entralled the whole time.  Great memory and a very nice guy.  He was convinced UFO’s were real based on the evidence the Air Force collected over the years.