Dr. Who + Shaun of the Dead!
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Well, not exactly…

Tennant, Pegg, Landis Team For “Burke”

David Tennant (TV’s “Doctor Who”) and Simon Pegg (“Star Trek,” “Shaun of the Dead”) are teaming for the lead roles in the period comedy “Burke and Hare” for Ealing Studios according to an announcement at the Spooky Empire convention this weekend in Florida reports Bloody Disgusting.

Based on the true story about the famous graverobbers, ‘Burke And Hare’ follows the hapless exploits of two men (Pegg as Burke, Tennant as Hare) as they fall into the highly profitable business of providing cadavers for the medical fraternity in 19th Century Edinburgh, then the centre of medical learning which was always short of bodies.

In real life the case became known as the West Port murders. Hare’s wife ran a lodging house where Burke stayed and whenever a patron looked to be on their death bed they would accelerate the process.

Legendary “An American Werewolf in London,” “Animal House” and “Coming to America” Director John Landis will helm the project, his first narrative feature film since 1998’s “Susan’s Plan”.


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Oooh, cool!
And, of course, Simon Pegg played The Editor in an episode of Doctor Who, although it was opposite Christopher Eccleston.


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Ooh, that sounds good!


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