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The worms inside your face
The Gallery of Fake Viral Images
Cursed by Allah
Pierre Brassau, Monkey Artist, 1964
Princess Caraboo, servant girl who became a princess, 1817
The Great Electric Sugar Swindle, 1884
The disumbrationist art hoax, 1924
Did Paul McCartney die on Nov. 9, 1966?
The Hitler Diary Hoax, 1983
Lord Gordon-Gordon, robber of the robber barons, 1871
World War I Hoaxes
World War One, or the Great War as it was called, was the most destructive war the world had ever seen. While the hoaxes listed below all related directly to it in some way, the greater impact the War had on the history of hoaxing was an indirect one. It left behind a Europe that was shattered and unstable. This proved to be a perfect breeding ground for a generation of con-men and schemers who preyed upon the public.
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