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The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar Hoax, 1874
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The night Martians invaded New Jersey, 1938
Burger King's Left-Handed Whopper Hoax, 1998
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The Stone-Age Tasaday Hoax, 1971
Rachael Ray cooks her family and her dog
September Morn, the painting that shocked the censor, 1913
The Nazi Air Marker Hoax, 1942
Milton Rejected
In 1887 a "disappointed literary aspirant," hoping to illustrate the ignorance of publishers and the diffulties faced by unknown authors, copied out the text of Milton's drama "Samson Agonistes," retitled it "Like a Giant Refreshed," and sent it as an original work of his own to publishers and editors. None recognized the work. One rejected it because it was too like a sensational novel. Another said it was "disfigured by Scotticisms." A third offered to publish it, but only if the author contributed thirty pounds toward the expenses.

The literary aspirant (whose name is not known) published the results of his experiment in a letter sent to the St. James's Gazette.

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