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Baby Yoga, aka Swinging Your Kid Around Your Head
Prof. Wingard's Death Ray Hoax, 1876
Mule elected G.O.P. committeeman, 1938
Adolf Hitler Baby Photo Hoax, 1933
Princess Caraboo, servant girl who became a princess, 1817
Stotham, Massachusetts: the town that didn't exist, 1920
Vilcabamba, the town of very old people, 1978
The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar Hoax, 1874
The Hitler Diary Hoax, 1983
The worms inside your face
USB Fondue -- April Fool's Day, 2005
Online retailer announced the availability of the "Fundue," a desktop USB-powered fondue set — "a USB powered desktop culinary experience that will transform your lunches to a new realm."

April Fool Categories: Food and Drink, Computers, 2005.
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