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The Case of the Vanishing Belly Button, 1964
Old-Time Photo Fakery, 1900 to 1919
Rare planetary alignment decreases gravity, 1976
Use your left ear to detect lies
Swiss peasants harvest spaghetti from trees, 1957
The worms inside your face
The Cradle of the Deep, a literary hoax, 1929
Dead Body of Loch Ness Monster Found, 1972
The Nobody For President Campaign, 1940 to Present
Princess Caraboo, servant girl who became a princess, 1817
The HA! Network -- April Fool's Day, 1990
MTV, VH-1, and Nick at Nite turned over their airwaves (and their 50 million viewers) to the HA! network, a comedy channel which broadcast in their place for the day. No one in the broadcast industry had been informed that the switch would take place. The broadcast was the debut of the MTV-backed HA! network. MTV had hoped that the prank would give the fledgling network some much-needed publicity.

The HA! network lasted a year before merging with the Comedy Channel.

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