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Rare planetary alignment decreases gravity, 1976
The Nazi Air Marker Hoax, 1942
Brief History of Triple-Decker Buses
Man flies by own lung power, 1934
Rachael Ray cooks her family and her dog
Iceberg floats into Sydney Harbor, 1978
Mule elected G.O.P. committeeman, 1938
The Sandpaper Test, 1960
Monkeys pick cotton, a 19th-century urban legend
Fake Photos of Very Large Animals
St. Louis Zoo Changes its Number -- April Fool's Day, 1940
In order to avoid the avalanche of calls on April 1st for Mr. Lyon, Mr. Wolf, and Mr. Fox, the St. Louis Zoo changed its phone number for one day. Sterling 0900, the zoo's regular phone number, was changed to Sterling 0901.

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