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Sobering Scotch -- April Fool's Day, 1994
The Hoffman York & Compton ad firm released a mock ad for "Cape Town Scotch whiskey" — the alcoholic whiskey that would never make you drunk:

Cape Town is a smooth blend of 25 of the finest single malt Scotch whiskies. Most of which are made from the waters of Great Karroo highlands here in central South Africa. These pure malts are then aged for 15 years in oak and sherry casks for a distinctively sweet, peaty flavour.

But what gives Cape Town its sobering quality is that it's also blended with Retrohol®, a tasteless, odourless, ethanol-oxidiing enzyme which accelerates your body's ability to clear out alcohol. What used to take the body several hours to sober you up, now takes a few minutes! In fact, the more Cape Town you drink, the more effective Retrohol is.

April Fool Categories: Food and Drink, 1994.
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