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Left-Handed Golf Ball -- April Fool's Day, 2005
Sports manufacturer Dunlop announced plans to offer a golf ball designed specifically for left-handed players. Dunlop CEO Chris Ronnie explained:

The idea came from a research project we undertook to better understand today’s golfing market. The results showed that many naturally left-handed players have learnt to play golf right-handed. Up until only a decade ago it had been difficult to get hold of left-handed golf equipment."

Left-handed golf clubs are now commonplace, but no company has yet produced a left-handed golf ball. Dunlop’s revolutionary move is set to hit the shelves next month, just in time for The Daily Telegraph Dunlop Masters, which tees off on May 12 at the Marriott Forest of Arden and may see the first professional golfer trial the Dunlop Lefty.

Many golfers mark their ball with an ink image or even a printed logo to help them focus on the ball at the position of address. The Dunlop Lefty will assist left-handed golfers with a strategically placed, ergonomically designed Dunlop arrow, which points from the left-hand side of the ball to the right, thus indicating the correct position of ball focus for the player.

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