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iPad Fit Series -- April Fool's Day, 2010
Health and Fitness company Dailyburn introduced the iPad Fit Series. This app transfored an iPad into a scale. After a person stepped on the screen, the app would instantly analyze body fat percentage, calculate BMI, and then announce their weight out loud, either scolding or congratulating based on the results.

DailyBurn introduces iPad fit Series
Here at DailyBurn, we know that the mere thought of stepping on the scale can send some people into an anxiety-induced donut binge. But no more! Imagine a tool that measures not only weight, but body fat %, calculates BMI, % change in lean body mass and congratulates you on a job well done.

As if you didnt need another reason to lust after the iPad . . . now from DailyBurn comes an app built especially for iPad that is the first of its kind: the iPad Fit Series. The iPad Fit Series is a revolutionary new fitness tracker that collects multiple points of data while you stand on the screen to give you a holistic view of your current health, and then recommends diet and fitness tips.

Heres how it works: to activate, simply place the iPad on a sturdy, flat surface and step on the screen. Multiple touch points analyze body fat % while simultaneously calculating BMI and lean body mass %. The app will then announce your weight out loud and either scold or congratulate you based upon the results. Each time you weigh in, a video is automatically recorded from below and uploaded onto your choice of video blogging platforms, so that you will always have record of your worst days.

Based upon information such as current weather, hydration levels, and recent activity, the app will literally talk back to you as it syncs with your DailyBurn iPhone app and web account. You can choose from multiple trainer settings, for example, Drill Sergeant (yells orders), Yoga Guru (soothing reminders), or Personal Trainer (upbeat and encouraging) to name a few. The iPad fit series also integrates geo-tagged data so that it always knows where you are. You control the level of interaction. For example, you can expect the app, when set to Drill Sergeant mode, to chastise you if you are located within 100 ft of a fast-food restaurant.

The iPad Fit Series is the perfect app for technophiles on the go who want holistic view of their lifestyle. The iPad Fit Series can be downloaded this April. Features such as celebrity trainer interaction can be unlocked for an additional $s.

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