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Stotham, Massachusetts: the town that didn't exist, 1920
The Berners Street Hoax, 1810
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Lord Gordon-Gordon, robber of the robber barons, 1871
The Diaphote, a television hoax, 1880
Snowball the Monster Cat, 2000
The worms inside your face
The Great Wall of China Hoax, 1899
Bonsai Kittens, 2000
The damp spot that hoaxed a city, 1912
Gymnast To Ascend Church Steeple -- April Fool's Day, 1858
A notice ran in Chicago papers advertising that on April 1st, at one o'clock, a "famous gymnast" would ascend the steeple of St. Paul's Church from the outside "and stand upright on the summit, returning the same way to the ground — all to be accomplished in the space of twenty minutes." At the time appointed, a crowd of over 300 people gathered, including reporters, pencils in hand. But as the hours wore on, the truth gradually stole over the minds of the sightseers that it was "All fools day," and "the crowd suddenly discovered it was time to go to dinner, which they did with a rush." [Weekly Hawk-Eye (Burlington, Iowa) — Apr 20, 1858]

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