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Grandstand’s Newsroom Brawl -- April Fool's Day, 1989
On the BBC Sports show Grandstand, as presenter Desmond Lynam talked about upcoming events to be covered, such as the Grand National at Aintree and US Masters Golf, a fight broke out behind him in the newsroom. As the fight escalated, Lynam continued to calmly discuss the news, assuring the audience that, "We'll continue to do our best to cover sport in the way that you like, backed up by our highly professional team."

Finally the scene cut to a segment about Britain's gold-medal winning hockey team. But when Lynam returned, he noted that viewers may have seen "a bit of an altercation" behind him and apologized for this. But then he proceeded to show an instant replay of the fight.

Finally the newsroom brawlers were shown standing together, holding a sign that read "April Fool."

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