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Can a bar of soap between your sheets ease muscle cramps?
The Sandpaper Test, 1960
Eccentric's last prank, 66 years after his death, 1900
Loch Ness Monster Hoaxes
The Cradle of the Deep, a literary hoax, 1929
The Great Space Monkey Hoax, 1953
The Instant Color TV Hoax, 1962
What do the lines on Solo cups mean?
Paul Krassner's Stereophonic Hoax, 1960
Adolf Hitler Baby Photo Hoax, 1933
Gandhi in Golf Togs -- April Fool's Day, 1933
"It's Gandhi, of all people, all decked out in golf togs and with a smile that looks as if he's just got a birdie — perhaps with a pinch of salt. Maybe this was his day for golf. At any rate, he seems pleased."

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