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The Lovely Feejee Mermaid, 1842
Jean Gauntt, the Immortal Baby, 1939
The worms inside your face
Actress who claimed she was kidnapped by puritans, 1950
The Cradle of the Deep, a literary hoax, 1929
The Great New York Zoo Escape Hoax, 1874
Monkeys pick cotton, a 19th-century urban legend
Mencken's fake history of the bathtub, 1917
September Morn, the painting that shocked the censor, 1913
The Great Electric Sugar Swindle, 1884
French Poodle -- April Fool's Day, 1959
"What's This? — Gail Speicher gives her French poodle 'Domino' an airing. But wait a minute ... that's no poodle! Seems like anything can happen today. It's April Fool."
[Lebanon Daily News - Apr 1, 1959]

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