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Democrats Nominate George Bush -- April Fool's Day, 1991
NPR's Morning Edition reported the scoop that the Democrats planned to nominate George Herbert Walker Bush as the Democratic candidate for President — even though he would also be the Republican candidate. Since the Democrats held their convention first, one of them explained, "by the time the Republicans get to him he'll already be ours."

Democrats were viewing the choice pragmatically as "a transition from idealism to realism." Rather than having to suffer under presidents of the other party that they didn't like, they could instead endure one of their own party that they didn't like.

The nomination was seen as also having advantages for Bush, since it would allow him to shed the anchor of the right wing which had "clearly paralyzed his presidency on domestic issues."

Plus, the nomination would save money. Since by sharing a candidate with the Republicans, they could also "share expenses and contributors."

President Bush was said to be receptive to the idea. White House Spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said, "President Bush would consider such an offer as the ultimate in bipartisanship here in Washington, and he would gladly accept the head of both parties, also the Whig Party and the Tory Party and any others who would like to elect him as their leader, and will run as president of the United States on all parties who would like him."

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