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The Stone-Age Tasaday Hoax, 1971
The worms inside your face
Did Paul McCartney die on Nov. 9, 1966?
The Sandpaper Test, 1960
Burger King's Left-Handed Whopper Hoax, 1998
Jean Gauntt, the Immortal Baby, 1939
Samsung invents the on/off switch
Jennifer Love Hewitt's Disappearing Breasts
Fake Photos of Very Large Animals
The Lovely Feejee Mermaid, 1842
The VW Decomposable Roofrack -- April Fool's Day, 1991
Volkswagen ran an ad in the London Times promoting a car featuring a "decomposable roofrack." The tagline read, "It's not an April fool. It's a Volkswagen."

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