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The Canadian Autobahn -- April Fool's Day, 2004
BMW Canada ran an ad urging Canadians to petition their local Member of Parliament to support the creation of a Canadian Autobahn. This roadway would be an "auxiliary highway system that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a manner that benefits high-performance automobiles." BMW Canada revealed that it had already surveyed the country to determine where such an Autobahn might best be placed.

[This was one of four April Fool ads run by BMW Canada in 2004.]

Introducing the Canadian Autobahn.
Phase 1 (Proposed completion date: Dec. 2005)

As makers of the world's finest automobiles, we at BMW Canada obviously have a vested interest in and fascination with the highways and the by ways that span this great land. As such, we have spent three years, at our own cost, surveying the entire country for the purposes of creating an auxiliary highway system that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a manner that benefits high-performance automobiles. The most obvious difference of this new highway system will be in the amount, pitch and severity of the corners and turns. Rather than attempt to find the shortest distance between two points, the Canadian Autobahn will utilize our nation's endless geological and topographical anomalies to the benefit of all drivers. But we can't do it alone. Currently, we are lobbying for governmental support. By filling out and sending the attached petition to your local Member of Parliament, you will be doing your part in making the Canadian Autobahn a reality.

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