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Dead Body of Loch Ness Monster Found, 1972
Cursed by Allah
Princess Caraboo, servant girl who became a princess, 1817
The Case of the Vanishing Belly Button, 1964
The Stone-Age Tasaday Hoax, 1971
Actress who claimed she was kidnapped by puritans, 1950
The Instant Color TV Hoax, 1962
The disumbrationist art hoax, 1924
Van Gogh's ear exhibited, 1935
The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals, 1959
Calendar Prank -- April Fool's Day, 1960
Evelyn Wilson, 14, shows off an April calendar that appears to be nailed to a truck tire. The nail is a fake one, designed for such foolishness. Evelyn was a student at Crockett Junior High School. [Odessa American - Apr 1, 1960]

April Fool Categories: 1960, School Pranks.
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